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It’s either excellent or I just haven’t noticed it yet!

September 28th, 2010

Let’s face it!

Sometimes we get tired.

We look back to find so much has piled up that we cannot anymore pretend it’s not there.

We look ahead and recognize very little, everything seems so pixilated and minuscule in the distance.

We look around and we feel we’ve been there for too long and doubt how worth it would be to stick.

We lose our will to persist, we feel breathless, we feel it’s too dark to hold on, too consuming to go on.

When you’re tired, when you lose sight of your guiding star, when you want to just let go, remember this: it’s either excellent or I just haven’t noticed yet!

In your darkest hour, over-trust not your brain as most of what you feel is the result of its work.

A slight variation of what a friend once told me is that worries and pains are like gases – they always take the room that you would give them.

There’s always good news somewhere. All you got to do is teach yourself the habit of getting busy finding it!

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