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5 of Many Hard-Core Life Learnings

January 8th, 2011

The insights that I shared with you in the last few blog posts, the one that I am sharing hereafter and the one that I will share next happen to be from a real life story. Mine. I decided to share them because I find them crucial to be in one’s life toolbox. I also see all having one thing in common, and that is how they show the abundance of life, and how interconnected and whole its segments are and how it never stops giving us answers – that’s of course, as long as we look through curious and open eyes.

The next story happened in front of the TV. I was watching the Tour de France with my dad. For the eyes of the kid I was and, to be frank, for my eyes now still, it was (and still is) amazing how the eventual winner would fall back at some points and push forward at others, how he would pedal so fast at times, and take it easy at others. Long after that, I was going through tough times and was feeling lost and breathless, my dad looked at me and said: “remember the Tour de France. Despite how under the detail of the magnifying glass of the day-to-day pressures and stages you are urged to treat it as a sprint, treat it instead as a journey. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Learning: Pace, pace, pace, pace, pace, pace, pace. That’s the only way to lead. Life’s a marathon and not a sprint.

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