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Eject! Eject! Jump off!!

February 6th, 2011

Some call it the fly against the window; others mention it as a cul-de-sac. What I see in it is living life on a treadmill. Or worse even, on a time mill.

First signals are of you sweating and panting. Yes, you are very tired from activity. Both mental and physical, that is. Physical cause you got to keep up with the mill or the pace of the speeding belt or whatever is leading yours. Can’t go slower and can’t go faster. You’ll hit the wall in both cases. And hence mental because you’ve got to stay focused on the space in which your time is being milled otherwise you’ll trip and fall off and maybe break your neck you might think.

Other signals are that your brain starts to become numb, you see yourself not on a treadmill anymore, you are in your dreams, and yet, no matter what your brain or that TV that you’re facing deludes you to think, you are only where you were before. Then, logic pops in and you start focusing on how many calories you’ve burnt or how many kilometers (or miles depending on where you were when you started it all) you’ve crossed and so pretend and get convinced that this is all “normal”.

And think of this, people come and go, some speak with you while others don’t, some play the same game as yours while others don’t, some become part of you scene and others don’t. All that while you are still there, tired, bored, getting your time and calories milled and yet going nowhere. You metamorphose into a hamster.

What a life!!!

When you’re on your run, if you’ve seen it before, it is because you’re running in circles. If you’ve seen it more than once before, even when you’re under the impression that you’re improvising and getting creative about your path, you’re most probably still running in the same circle. If it’s not changing, you’re not alive. If you’re not getting anywhere, it’s because you’re on a treadmill.

Memorize and learn the signals of life on a treadmill right away. If you’re there already: Eject! Eject! Jump off!! Stop getting your time and calories milled for nothing.

Choose your life, pick your own journey and run for it!

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