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The Remote Control

April 20th, 2015

It is not merely an electronic devise as you might be deluded to think.

It is the testosterone factory. The symbol of manhood. The idol of female supremacy. The control center of the universe.

What we watch, how we spend out time, what we do with our lives, are only a few of the core-life matters hidden in the dark depths of the remote control of the TV.

If you watch the wars, explicit and implicit, that happen over its possession, the energy, the planning, the effort put into it; you would be amazed.

All that over the remote control of the TV.

What about your remote control? What about what you do facing adversity? What about what you do facing life challenges? Facing invitations to get corrupted? To get angry? To blame, to disengage, to lose north, to let go, to choose mediocrity? Who is carrying that? Is it you? Or have you left it out for others to decide how you will react for you?

If we jumped at our remote control and held it under our custody as energetically as we do with the TV remote control, we would definitely be in a much better place in terms of relationships and relationship intelligence – personally as well as professionally, left, right and center.

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