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2011: May it Matter…

December 31st, 2010

2010 is now past.

Had it been good or not, it’s passed.
Had you had what you dreamt of or not, it’s passed.
Had there been light or not, it’s passed.
Had you made mistakes and learned or not, it’s passed.
Had you had regrets or not, it’s passed.
Had you fulfilled your last new year’s resolutions or not, it’s passed.
Looking back is of no use.

2011 is here now. Yet, it too will pass.
Just like today, like a few minutes away it would seem then, a year from now, it would have passed.

Check your heart. Check your mind. Check your conscience. Align. Set your horizon high. Head up towards it. Be passionate. Be determined. Be what you want to be. Do what it takes. Go now. Just make sure that a year from today when you look back at what has passed, you would then think: IT MATTERED!

May what you dream of, come true. Have a 2011 that matters!

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