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Another One Ahead – May it be Yours!

December 30th, 2011

It is fascinating how, at this same time of every year, millions of faces look forward, millions of minds point to the future, and millions of hearts beat with hopefulness. It is fascinating how so many people, at almost the same time, look ahead at the year to come, filling it with wishes, resolutions, dreams and hopes.

It is this same time of every year when we give what’s ahead our best shot of how we desire it to be.

It is the same time of every year right now.

It is that time now, simply because we chose it to be and bookmarked it as such and made it the time when we stand at the feet of another hill. It is the chance we wished for so many times before. It is the time when we stand in front of another chance to do all those things we said we wanted to do and say we want to do. It is the time when we get, once more, another shot at our dreams, our aspirations, and our resolutions – old and new. It is the time when we get to try again, when we get to stand in the place where we wished to stand again to prove to ourselves and to the world what we can and would do. It is the time when we get that wish granted. It is the time when we are filled with an anticipation of the best of life.

Once, a friend told me that when someone hits the jackpot, and we envy their luck, we forget the countless trials they have put into it. At this time of the year, I wish to remember that. I wish to have the courage, wisdom, will and breath to try again and again if that must be, in order to reach those stars I dream of day and night.

For the year ahead, I wish you the same.

May 2012 be yours!

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