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Wael El Helou

Wael is a co-founder of “trace – training and coaching executives, a motivational speaker, a coach, an NLP Practitioner and a fierce conversations facilitator and is behind “trace’s team building events and management retreats orchestration. He has trained, coached, facilitated and moderated sessions of C-suite executives, general managers, directors, managers and politicians in matters of strategy, management, leadership, communication, team building and public speaking to name a few.

He holds an MBA from the American University of Beirut and has led a career that gathers more than 15 years of local and multinational experience spread across the industries of banking, insurance, hospitality, marketing, FMCG, education and Non-Profit Organizations.

With more than 9 years in leadership positions, he has assumed various roles in the areas of financial analysis, brand management, sales management, human capital development, HR, operational development, business development, and general management. He has managed teams and regions of various sizes and has lead several corporate and entrepreneurial initiatives such as corporate concept development, company establishment, in-market and cross-market expansions, restructuring, mergers, crisis management, change management, corporate culture development and integration, team building, portfolio management and optimization, innovation and product development, corporate institutionalization, and strategic planning and execution.

He has been there in times when business flourished and has survived plans that went off-track, which makes him real in his standing in a leader’s as well as a team member’s shoes and in his dealing with their issues as his.

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  1. Nada Sayad says:

    i like ..i like!

  2. Wael says:

    Thanks Nada… looking forward to hear your comments…

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