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Don’t Compromise as of Immediately!

October 26th, 2010

Life is slippery and evasive.

Now it’s here. Now it’s not. Now they’re here. Now they’re not. Now you’re here. Now you’re not.

This is no news.

The tragedy is that not one second goes by without life reminding us of this nature of hers.

And yet, are we listening? Are we reminded? And above all, are we acting upon it?

Things happen. Some of them knock on the doors of our consciousness and ask to command our attention. You ask me? That’s exactly what we should let them do! The risk? Looking back one day and thinking I wish!

That alone makes it all at least worth the trial. Nothing guaranteed though. Just the full hearted trial.

Listen. Listen well. Don’t compromise anymore. Go do those things you have always thought and said you would do. Go do them now.

Don’t compromise showing someone you love them, don’t compromise telling someone you appreciate, don’t compromise quitting a job that’s taking you nowhere, don’t compromise starting an adventure that your heart beats for, and whatever you do, don’t compromise being happy.

Cost or no cost. What goes of life never comes back.

Don’t compromise as of immediately.

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