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1 of Many Hard-Core Life Learnings

December 14th, 2010

The insights that I am about to share with you in this and few of the following blog posts happen to be from a real life story. Mine, in fact. They are insights I had while learning or practicing particular sports (except for one that happened while I was watching one).

I decided to share them for the importance they play in my life today as well as for what I find common to them all, which is how abundant life is, and how interconnected and whole its segments are and how it never stops giving us answers – that’s of course, as long as we look through curious and open eyes.

The first of these stories is that of an ankle I almost broke during a tournament’s most important basket ball game that I played when I was 18 years old. The resulting pain was too alarming to ignore but not as alarming as the size of my determination and my ego. I acted as if the pain did not exist and continued the game on an injury. And lost. Later on, I got a cast and still disregarded the danger and played various games as if nothing was wrong. Breaking my leg again while it was still casted delayed the recovery time and led, years later, to a permanent weakness in my ankle that I now can hardly use to play sports that I would have loved to play a lot more of.

Learning: ignoring a weakness and acting as if it did not exist cripples you over the long run – you and your organisation.

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