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Slaves of the What-if

July 9th, 2011

At some point, any point, depending on what we value most at the moment, depending on how we define our present role, what right and wrong look like from where we stand, what kind of peer advise we’re receiving and pressures we’re subject to, we might find ourselves in a what-if situation. A mild one is ok, at instances even vital. A more serious one could result in one of the worst forms of slavery: that of the what-if.

A risk we bear is grey. Call it indecisiveness or call it consideration. Call it thoughtfulness or call it procrastination. Call it a not so good feeling or call it devil’s advocating. Alarming symptoms of grey slavery begin when what-if becomes the buzzword of every question we ask ourselves as we exhaust that self from all its energy without a sole action, without a single step forward. As if we undertook a mission to sustain our status quo.

When you find yourself becoming a slave of the what-if, unable to make your mind, unable to take the chance of a choice, just go for one as if it were the only one available. Assume the remaining ones never were, one at a time, randomly if you must, logically if you can.

What if you dismiss the opportunity of a lifetime, you may ask. Well, looking around, I see that individual lifetimes come with many more opportunities than one. We grab those we spot and are ready for, and aim to do the best we can with the one we are currently invested in.

Free yourself from too many what-ifs and just go for it. Worst comes to worst, you start again. You’ll rarely have enough details, know enough, or feel confident enough. Confidence is the residue of discovering that starting all over again never is as much of a catastrophe as we usually approach it and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as they say.

Going for it is your only choice if you want to discover what opportunity was hidden there for you and rid yourself from the immobilizing slavery that will prevent your growth.

Step out of grey as fast as you can; too much of it can get you ill.

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