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So Can You!

February 19th, 2011

No matter what it was, if someone has done it before you, then you too can do it. That includes a thing done by someone and that no one has done before. Many have done that. You too can be one.

Find them, tap into their secrets, and model their success recipes. Learn how they’ve done it, how they formulated it, how they laid it down in an executable blue print, how they communicated it to different stakeholders, how and who they recruited, how, what and to whom they delegated, how they’ve created enough drive to themselves and to their teams to take it from idea to life, how they persisted through demotivating tough times, how they quit if and when they realized they needed to and most important, learn how they started all over again.

Focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t as in that lies what makes life worth its risks. There’s enough out there for everyone. Flourishing matching businesses are the best proof to that – be them in retail and trade or in dating. If what you have adds value, you will always have an investor who believes, a partner who believes, a supplier who believes, and a team mate who believes. It all starts with you though: believe!

Whatever one has done before, including what never was done before, can be done by you. If they’ve done it, so can you!

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