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Leaders: Shut that Door

February 9th, 2015

While the “open door policy” can be ranked as one of the finest prides of many contemporary corporates, allowing it to govern cross organizational conversations is more risky than it is value-adding to your leadership and requires serious revamping.

When I ask my clients about the level of their conversations with their team members, they most frequently talk about their “open door policy.” In their extra miles of walking the talk, some of them have gone as far as literally removing their office doors!

Then, I ask them about the most common topics they discuss during their “open door” moments. The majority of answers roam around things that team members are not comfortable with, are worried about, demand, and more frequently than none, are not under their (the managers) control. Frequent topics are financial remuneration, promotions and the difficulty to cope with the enforced adversities of life. The way these conversations end up is usually with an “I will see what I can do” or “I’ll do my best” or even worse, a sedative promise that stands no solid ground and would only teleport the problem toward another day in the future.

Now let’s pause. What do team members learn as a result? What brand image are you, their leader, portraying about your abilities? How about the assessment of the relationship with you? What’s in it for them? Are you the one they should be talking with or should they look for someone else who has answers? What makes them want to be lead by you?

No surprise, for a leader to take things back in hand, one of the most basic things he/she should regain control over are the topics of their conversations. So, alternatively, shut that door and substitute that policy with one where you set proper, quality, value-adding time with your team members. Coach them, make them able, delegate to them, grow them, and confront them when need be. That is how you build a leadership that goes beyond the not-so-much-fait-accomplit of the title on your business card.

Tell me how it goes.

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