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2 of Many Hard-Core Life Learnings

December 17th, 2010

The insight that I shared with you in the last blog post, the one that I am sharing hereafter and those that I will share next happen to be from a real life story. Mine. I decided to share them because I find them crucial to be in one’s life toolbox. I also see all having one thing in common, and that is how they show the abundance of life, and how interconnected and whole its segments are and how it never stops giving us answers – that’s of course, as long as we look through curious and open eyes.

The story I am sharing today is a rather recent one. Not very long time ago I enrolled in an advanced motorcycle riding skills course called road captain training. Among the various drills was a particularly difficult one where the trainer had set a tight circular parameter with his orange cones and asked us to go around its inside. The circle was so tight that even the most proficient among us took some time to get their bikes through it without falling off them or putting their feet down. The secret was to keep the eyes consistently fixed on where one wanted to go rather than on the cones flirting with the bike’s front wheel and causing the most fear. “Keep your head up and your eyes on the exit and your motorcycle will take you there automatically” the trainer kept repeating.

Learning: mind what you focus your sight on (or what you focus your organization’s vision on) because that’s where you’ll end up going. “Beware what you wish for” said one actor in a movie I once saw.

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