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Here’s to those!

December 31st, 2014

Here it goes again. Another landmark, another year, another set of memories, another set of lessons, and a full set of brand new hopes.

In 2014 I have learned that excuses dress up in and feel exactly like good reasons. I have learned that the only way to break through their squelchy noise is to defy logic and dream big, play big and cross every comfort boundary your mind fights you not to cross.

Be them people, things or circumstances, make 2015 one where no excuses are valid enough to stop you, where no comfort zone is sedating enough to hold you back, and where no boundary is acceptable enough to limit your growth.

So here’s to it being the one where you cross more landmarks than any before. Here’s to it being the one where you are more irrational about your dreams and what you’re ready to do for them to become reality than any of the wisdom voices of average-ocracy. Here’s to it being the one where you will put effort like it’s your very life that depended on it.

Here’s to your success, to your achievements, to your victories. Here’s to your full heart, full mind, history-making 2015!

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