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4 of Many Hard-Core Life Learnings

December 24th, 2010

The insights that I shared with you in the last few blog posts, the one that I am sharing hereafter and those that I will share next happen to be from a real life story. Mine. I decided to share them because I find them crucial to be in one’s life toolbox. I also see all having one thing in common, and that is how they show the abundance of life, and how interconnected and whole its segments are and how it never stops giving us answers – that’s of course, as long as we look through curious and open eyes.

The story that I will share in what follows happened in a kayak during my university years. Two lessons ranked amongst the most insightful. The first was about manoeuvring your kayak to take you where you intended to go. The second was about rowing against the stream. Both had one rule: the only way to get yourself somewhere, be that with or against the stream, is by making sure you think (and sometimes row) faster than the current.

Learning: be them circumstances, fears, pleasures, peer pressures, beliefs, griefs, sadness, thoughts or emotions, let them not drag you. If you want to get yourself (or your organization) somewhere, you make sure you and not the current are the captain.

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