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Which Side Will You Be On??

June 4th, 2011

It is never the right time for hard times.

Hard times almost always hit when you least expect it.

Some have already thought their fears while others have not had or refused to have the mind space for it. Some think it will never happen to them, some prepare for it day and night and others have set their minds to deal with it in due time.

Most important though, is which side you will take if ever you were hit by hard times.

In fact, there are three of those sides (and if you need the whole truth, I must admit that there are four, two of which being exactly the same depending on whether you’re right or left-handed).


You can take the left or right side of trouble, kind of walk along it, and choose to whine about it. Assuming this position can be helpful especially if you have around you people who respond to whine along with a will and an ability to cater for you.

You can take the side behind trouble, putting its weight in front of you, and letting it crush you with both its load and what you will do with it in your head. A look around and a wild guess tell me that this is the most famous of all sides.

Finally, you can head the way putting yourself right in front of trouble’s pressure and using its negative energy as a booster – thinking of it as a challenge to propel you forward toward new opportunities. That side is the least popular of course. You’ll have less company, very little empathy, you’ll be called irrational, and advisers of mediocrity will restlessly recommend that you take whatever way out you can to go back to the line where everyone belongs.

Now the good thing is that no matter how you look at it, YOU get to pick and live with what follows.

So, which side will you be on?

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