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NLP and the ME Democracy Domino

February 13th, 2011

Today’s blog is a salute to the people of Tunisia and Egypt who have believed and done what the rest of us have been wishfully chatting about for as long as I remember and to the same “rest of us”, so may we do too.

In fact, one NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) model called the Logical Levels of Change (Gregory Bateson, Robert Dilts) is useful to understand the domino effect of the change from Tunisia to Egypt and who knows where else from there on. The model gives us a general road map of the process of change. In that context, what we do and that affects our environment is governed by the capabilities we develop to be able to do so, our capabilities are governed by our values (what is important to us) and beliefs (about what’s right and wrong, what we can and cannot) and these are governed by the way we perceive our role and purpose. If you make change at one level, you affect the levels below it. Changing a belief leads to change at the level of capabilities and thereafter behavior. Countless are the examples about what happens when people believe it is possible.

Those who have lived enough in the ME know that a huge part of why people don’t revolt against tyrannies is that they have, somewhere on the way, lost the belief that they can and that a price they might pay would make any difference. Did Tunisians and Egyptians give the rest of us enough reason to believe that we can? Will we develop capabilities and tools to make positive change happen? We’ll have to wait and see when and where the domino effect stops and then judge.

Disregarding all that, the people of Tunisia and the people of Egypt have got themselves a true chance of democracy and for that they deserve great respect and a hope to make the best out of it.

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